Germany, Fall 2022: Gas prices are rising seemingly unstoppable and the German parliament is deciding on the descretionary spending for the coming year. Money needs to be found to support relief measures, fight inflation and pay for desparetely needed, long overdue investments into a green transistion, health care and digitalisation.

But these important projects are at risk because the coalition leading the German Federal Government insists on a rule that is not fit for purpose – the so-called ‘Debt Brake’, which artificially limits the governments spending. But instead of waiving the rule – as was done in the past years – the government foolishly insists on following it – at the worst possible point in time.

We need to stop pretending that we live in pre-Covid 19 pandemic days, before the Russian attack on Ukraine propagated the war started in 2014 and before gas shortages as well as climate crises. To combat impoverishment and economic demise spending by the federal government vastly exceeding tax revenue is necessary.
This campaign has one goal: to stop the “reenablement” of the Debt Brake. We declare: stop the Debt Brake!

Take these five easy steps to help get rid of the Debt Brake:

The debt brake also puts a brake on investment. In the current crises it prevents real relief programs for the citizens and companies. It has to be stopped.

Together we help to put pressure on the MPs in the German Bundestag.

Choose your federal state on the left and with a click of a button write a pre-written e-mail: to a randomly selected MP of the SPD (German Social Democrats), Bündnis90/Die Grünen (German Green Party) or FDP parties. You can customize the e-mail to your liking before committing to sending it.

You can find and copy our e-mail templates here.


The full text of the petition can be found here.